In recent years, the state of Colorado has experienced a large influx of individuals from other states hoping to find freedom from the strict and unreasonable marijuana laws that continue to exist in most other states. While the national perception may be that this migration has largely been made up of hippies, stoners, and potheads, in reality this is not the case! The majority of newcomers tend to be growers looking to give legal cultivation a shot, potential investors and entrepreneurs looking to start new ventures, and concerned parents seeking relief for their sick children. This last demographic, those concerned parents, are primarily here in search of one thing, a cannabinoid by the name of cannabidiol, or CBD for short.

Cannabidiol and Charlotte Figi – One Child’s Story

blog6In 2013 there were roughly 60 patients under the age of 18 on the Colorado medical marijuana registry. As of this year there are over 400 patients under the age of 18, and the number continues to rise as more and more families move to the state in last-ditch efforts to find some way to help their suffering children. This enormous increase illustrates the recent shift in public opinion that acknowledges both marijuana, and CBD in particular, as a serious option for medical treatment.

Both the migration and the interest in CBD were spurred on in 2014 when CNN aired a documentary focused on a Colorado girl named Charlotte Figi. Charlotte was once plagued by multiple violent seizures per day. At one point it got so bad that she eventually stopped talking entirely. Having nowhere else to turn, her parents eventually agreed to try a CBD form of marijuana treatment, and within no time Charlotte’s seizures largely subsided. She returned to the once happy and playful child that had been silenced by her ailment. The two Colorado brothers who developed that high CBD strain for children like Charlotte, actually ended up naming it Charlotte’s Web in her honor. When parents with sick kids saw this on their TV sets throughout the county, it must have seemed almost too good to be true.

Upon closer inspection, many of those families found that CBD treatments like this really have been shown to help children with everything from cancer, to autism, to Crohn’s disease, and especially the various forms of epilepsy and similar neurological disorders. Every success story of a family moving to Colorado, and finding relief for their sick child, in turn helps convince another suffering family to move here in search of the same salvation. Colorado has truly become a state of hope, and in some ways a promised land for desperate families with nowhere else to turn.

What are CBD’s

blog4Like its closely related and well-known cousin THC, CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant and has a wide array of medicinal uses including but not limited to:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Reduction of muscle spasms

However, unlike its infamous psychedelic relative, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that if consumed on its own, it will not get the user high in the same way that smoking or ingesting marijuana does.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil extracted from cannabis plants is currently in high demand and sold in many Colorado dispensaries. While CBD oil has been shown to be effective in treating everything from arthritis to cancer, the vast majority of these desperate parents are here hoping to find a cure for any number of serious and life threatening forms of epilepsy. The chart below depicts the various cannabinoids and the myriad ailments and diseases that they have been shown to help treat.


Negative Effects of CBD Oil

CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids are thought to be generally safe, and have never been linked to a fatality or serious illness as a result of their usage.

  • Occasionally people will complain of mild stomach pain when beginning to take CBD supplements, however these cases are rare and the discomfort usually subsides after the first two to three days of treatment.
  • When taking higher doses of CBD, it is somewhat common to hear reports of a slight sedative effect.
  • In extremely high doses exceeding 200mg or more, some people have experienced unpleasant emotional states. This phenomenon, known as Dysphoria, is exceedingly rare and has only been observed in users who ingest abnormally high amounts of CBD.

Legal Status of CBD’s

blog3The uncertainty of the legal status of cannabidiol is currently even more ambiguous and mired in the discrepancy between state and federal law than marijuana in general. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) or “marihuana”, CBD’s are not currently listed as a schedule I controlled substance, nor under any other schedule for that matter. This puts CBD in an awkward, legal grey area in which various states, agencies, and levels of government all have differing opinions on how to treat this new demand for this incredible medicine.

blog7For example, as we have seen, CBD oil is currently being sold in retail establishments in a growing number of marijuana friendly states such as Colorado, Washington, and California. However, at the same time in non-marijuana states the DEA is currently acting under the presumption that cannabidiol should be treated no different than any other form or derivative of the cannabis plant, and persecuting those who produce, sell, and consume the oil. This nonsensical double standard cannot last for long, and we as a nation must come together to decide once and for all the true legal status of both marijuana and its derivative components.

CBD Oil: The Verdict

blog21We can now add helping chronically ill children to the list of positive outcomes of marijuana legalization, right along side increased tax revenues and benefits to the state and local economies. Medical marijuana is indeed an alternative medicine, and there still needs to be a daunting amount of research done in order to ascertain the true benefits of cannabis and its component cannabinoids.

It is however, apparent that this incredible plant can help cure and treat some of the world’s most serious diseases and ailments, and it is only a matter of time before this fact is confirmed and accepted by society as a whole. Finally, we here at Choice Organics would like to thank you for reading, and hope that this post has provided you with a glimpse into what the marijuana industry is really like here in the great state of Colorado.