When it comes to a variety of concentrates, Rocky Mountain Remedies delivers on many channels. When it is time to get your dab-on RMR has got you covered. Their Steamboat Shatter or Wonder Wax comes in a variety of flavors and potencies to fit your preference. Beyond the flavor and high they deliver, they are both affordable which is always a plus when looking for quality concentrates.

Another product that has a dual purpose, both for dabbing and refilling a reusable vape cartridge is RMR’s D-Line Distillate. With the metal tip on the syringe, it makes it a perfect tool when dabbing. Rather than taking a big scoop of sauce, wax, or shatter out of your container you can simply just squeeze that distillate into your rig after heating and BOOM you’re good to go. If that’s not the route you want to go and you would rather use a vape pen, just break out your reusable cartridge and fill it up. So don’t underestimate or be intimidated by a product like the D-Line Distillate Dab Syringe, it has a lot of useful functions and is easy to use for anyone who enjoys concentrates.

Now, if dabbing is not your cup of tea, RMR does offer a variety of other products that will fit your needs. One of my favorites is their APEX Disposable vape pen. It’s discrete and sleek design make this a great on the go cannabis delivery system. Another plus to this product and why I love it so much is that during the process of making the oil they re-introduced terpenes which in return, delivers flavors that are out of this world. Plus side too, the RMR Apex Vape pen is always ready to go and doesn’t require a heating cycle. So that means pull it out and HIT IT!

All these products are available here at Choice Organics so if you are looking to give a new product a shot, check out RMR’s Concentrate collection.