Until recently topicals were a complete mystery to me. I have heard people rave about the fast-acting pain relief they provide, but I just didn’t feel I had the aches and pains needed to warrant the purchase. This changed back in March 2018, and the opportunity to properly test drive cannabis topicals presented itself in the form of an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) surgery on my left arm.

After the surgery I experienced a constant ache in my arm, it was stiff and incredibly uncomfortable. I researched some of the topical treatments and narrowed my selection down to Mary’s Medicinal CBC Transdermal Compound. My initial draw to the CBC Transdermal Compound was the hope that it would reduce the scaring left from my surgery. I didn’t realize that minimizing the scaring was just the tip of the iceberg.

The CBC compound contains the more commonly known cannabinoids found in Cannabis; THC and CBD, as well as cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN). Similar to CBD, both CBC and CBN cannabinoids have been shown to be beneficial in treating pain and inflammation, while the CBN provides a unique antibacterial quality to this topical, setting it aside from the others.

Mary’s didn’t stop there. This transdermal compound is also loaded with all-natural ingredients, each with a variety of different benefits. The antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and Mango Butter help to minimize the appearance of scarring, while the inclusion of Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Olive Oil help reduce inflammation.

Initially, I only applied the compound to my scar. It has a thicker consistency at first, but as you apply it to your skin the compound thins out and spreads easily. It actually feels warm as you rub it in, followed by a cooling sensation, similar to the effects of Icy Hot. It wasn’t long before I was applying the compound to the majority of my forearm to help relief the ache from the surgery. I only needed to apply the lotion twice a day, in the morning prior to work and once I got home. The compound stays on your skin longer than any of the lotions or salves I have used, so a little bit goes a long way.

Mary’s CBC Compound Scar Progression

Ultimately, I was skeptical about topicals, but after trying the Mary’s CBC Transdermal Compound, I will always stock it in my medicine cabinet. I’ve used it not only for my arm but to relieve the discomfort from a pinched nerve and on sore muscles. The all-natural ingredients make this a great moisturizer for dry skin as well. So, next time you are visiting your local dispensary, don’t walk so quickly by the topicals counter, there may be something there you never knew you wanted or needed.

Author: Justine Bourget