Everyone here at Choice Organics hope you (our customers) are having an amazing holiday season. To ring in the new year, we wanted to feature someone who has made it possible for our business to be so successful. This week’s post features our medical manager, Stevie Kaplan. With nearly five years of Choice Organics experience, Stevie brings strong industry knowledge to our business.

CO: Hey Stevie! I am excited to learn more about what you do behind the scenes here at Choice. What does a day in the life of Stevie look like exactly?

SK: As medical manager I order all of our medical side inventory, I oversee the medical staff, and most importantly, I am responsible for the level of customer service we provide.  Getting to know our patients on a personal level is very important to me. Our business is successful because of our amazing patients, and we want to make sure we are serving them as best as we can. Whatever the reason they consume medical marijuana, we want to create the most open and accepting environment

CO: How did you get your start in the cannabis industry? Was it always something you wanted to do?

SK: I was first and foremost a massage therapist before I began in the marijuana industry. Opportunity presented itself to me once I had started giving chair massages for clients at a dispensary in Windsor.  The more I was involved somewhat in the industry and spoke to the clients I was helping, the more I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

CO: In your opinion, what sets Choice Organics apart from most dispensaries?

SK: Our customer service sets us most definitely sets us apart from the other dispensaries, whether locally or nationally.  We take pride in how we treat both our recreational and medical patients, and our out-of-state and local customer response is always very positive. We are most often helping true clientele, the repeat customers making us their go-to location for their marijuana needs. We really care about what our patients want!

CO: In regards to what is readily available to medical marijuana patients, is there anything you would like to see make its way into the industry that hasn’t already–legislation, products, etc.?

SK: I would like to witness the completely national recognition of marijuana as a medicine and for the consumption of marijuana to be legally covered by medical insurance for those who need it. It benefits so many people and yet there are those who are still afraid of trying it until their physician tells them it’s an acceptable alternative to pharmaceuticals.

In regards to CBD (cannabidiol–the non-psychoactive component of THC) products, I would like to see these produced on a much larger scale, as they are more costly than typical THC-laden products. Since these products are proven to assist in the treatment of a variety of disorders and diseases, they would be available at a lower cost and to a greater portion of Americans if they can be produced at a rate similar to most pharmaceuticals.

CO: Do you see the medical side continuing to change–and in what ways?

SK: I would like to see medical marijuana legalized and available in all states, as well as decriminalized nationally. Another component of this would be to make it possible for every medical card holder to purchase at any medical marijuana facility in any state. It’s very hard to turn away a patient just because their card isn’t recognized by our state and we would love to be capable of helping anyone from anywhere.

CO: What do your medical patients enjoy the most as far as Choice offerings go?

SK: We have exceptional flower, potent concentrates, a great variety of edibles and very friendly staff! We make the dispensary experience an unforgettable one for every patient and customer that walks through our doors.