With the wide variety of products out there that help with a vast amount of ailments, I’ve always had a hard time finding a cannabis product that would truly help my anxiety.  There are a few strains and edibles that do the trick, but those carry the psychoactive effects I don’t always want.  However, after years of dealing with high-functioning anxiety, I have found a product that does the trick and within minutes of using it.

Evolve Nano Serum

Evolve NanoSerum is a transdermal topical that is fast-acting and helps with a variety of ailments such as Inflammation, pain relief, and anxiety.  Each pen applicator provides 40 servings (80 pumps total) with 10mg per dosage.  Evolve NanoSerum includes THC, THCa, and CBD which work AMAZING together.

The beauty and what I love about this product is the non-psychoactive effects which are based on how topicals work (see our Cannabis Topicals: Reshaping Pain Relief and Other Ailments page 13 of the magazine).  Before I talk about the specific relief this topical provides, I want to first touch on the anti-anxiety component because I know many people struggle with it including myself.  Days when I’m feeling anxious I’ll apply two pumps to my wrists and rub it in.

Within 3-5 minutes the anxiety subsides-  this applies to just a minor feeling of anxiety, or my heart feels like it’s going to pop out of my chest kind of anxiety.  Keep in mind, results will vary from person to person so it’s hard to guarantee it will work for everyone but my anxiety can be quite severe and the Evolve NanoSerum has worked like a charm each time.  The plus side too, is it usually gets me through that time stretch of anxiety and I won’t have to reapply that day.  However, if your anxiety does come back just repeat the application process again.  If you do suffer from any forms of anxiety, I would give this stuff a shot because it has helped me through some tough days.

In regards to its other qualities, including pain relief and inflammation, this product is phenomenal for that as well.  Recently I tore ligaments in my ankle playing soccer. I’ve been able to utilize the Evolve NanoSerum to help with the pain and inflammation.  The injury is almost healed at this point but after a run or a bike ride I’ll apply a couple pumps to the aching area on my ankle and the pain is gone within a few minutes.

So if you are suffering from any of those three ailments, I would highly recommend this product to you. If you are needing a product to help with anxiety, in my opinion, the best product on the market besides specific strains of flower, is Evolve NanoSerum.

Author: Kylie Holub

This product is available at Choice Organics.