Here at Choice Organics, we are more than likely to have a robust selection of sativas as well as a fair amount of indicas on our recreational side, but it doesn’t stop at genotypes. We love to keep up with not only our own beloved favorites, but what YOU-our customers- admire as well when it comes to actual strains–and you love your sativas! I have compiled here a short-list of the top five strains we sell here at CO based on customer popularity. Feel free to comment on those you love! Here they are (in alphabetical, not preferential, order):

blog 191. Bruce banner (sativa hybrid)

“Potent: super head high, potent, uplifting.”

This cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel is a great get-up-and-go kind of strain, especially because of its relatively higher THC content (compared to a lot of strains). Whether you are running errands or deep into a hobby, functioning is easy on this hybrid. You also won’t be able to deny the good mood it gives you.

blog122. Blue dream (hybrid)

These few words do not even begin to describe what has been revered as a go-to “dream” strain by many, including myself. I can never help talking this one up to friends and customers alike. What is so different about this blend of the sativa Haze and Blueberry indica is, at least for me, that this is a sativa-heavier hybrid that “works” for indica consumers. It is uplifting enough for the day time, but is not too much of a head high in smaller doses, which makes it effective for sleep as well. Gotta love this euphoric dual purpose strain!

3. ChemDawg (sativa hybrid)

“Heavy-hitting head high, stress relieving.”

Although the beginnings of this strain are somewhat a mystery, it is the precursor of big hitting strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel; a very pungent and potent strain, ChemDawg has a THC content that can climb up to 20%.

4. Golden goat (sativa hybrid)

“Heady, energetic, elevates mood.”

Always a crowd-pleaser, this strain is aromatic and tangy to the nose on account of its Hawaiian sativa background and boasts some higher THC content than most with around 23%. Although quite a low amount, Golden Goat also has a CBD content of almost 1.1%, giving it some competitive edge for those looking for the body and mind relaxation cannabidiols offer. Our Golden Goat caviar is some of the dankest flower I have ever smelled–this is a must-try!

blog145. Sour diesel (sativa hybrid)

“Buzzing, euphoric head high.” 

The supposed product of ChemDawg, a skunk phenotype, and Northern Lights is a popular strain among not only recreational customers, but medical as well. Sour D boasts the ability to not only elevate one’s mood but is also a pain and depression reliever. I have personally heard more customers request this strain on both our recreational and medical sides more than any other. Hard to pass up, Sour Diesel is a strain that every marijuana consumer can get behind and should definitely try.

As always, we encourage you to come in and shop the various strains we carry in order to find what is right for you!