One of the most remarkable and wonderful things that have been introduced to the world of cannabis are topicals.  A lot of people who are against consuming cannabis the more traditional way (joints, bongs, etc) are utilizing topicals.  So what are topicals exactly? Topicals are cannabis infused lotions, salves, lip balms, oils, etc that are absorbed through the skin which provided localized pain, inflammation, anxiety, and inflammation relief.  A nice thing about topicals too is that if you don’t want to have the “high” feeling, topicals have a non-psychoactive effect so you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the cerebral high from it (which would get from other delivery methods).

Topicals come in many forms.

So now that we know what a topical is, we need to look at how it works.  The topical that you are using, whether it’s a lotion, transdermal patch, or oil binds with a network of receptors in your body called CB2 receptors.  CB2 receptors are found throughout your entire body and are activated by your bodies endocannabinoids or by other cannabinoid compounds know as phytocannabinoid (examples would be THC and CBD).  While some topicals may have THC in them, based on how your system works you will not get that “high” you may be used to from other delivery methods (edibles or smoking). With most topicals, cannabinoids cannot get into your bloodstream, they only penetrate the CB2 receptors.  The only exception is with transdermal patches which can enter the bloodstream and if it has high enough THC content can cause some psychoactive effects.

Now that we understand how a topical works, we can look at the best part and that’s looking at what topicals treat.  Topicals tend to be used for localized pain relief, tension, inflammation, and soreness, however, they do carry a lot of other benefits as well.  Based on some studies there have been signs that certain topicals can help with things like psoriasis, dermatitis, itching, headaches, cramping, and anxiety.  Recently, we received a new product in our stores called Evolve Nano Serum which is an oil based topical that is incredible for anxiety.  I personally struggle with high functioning anxiety, so if I’m having a day I rub some of the Evolve Nano Serum on my wrists and within minutes the anxiety goes away.  It’s nice too because it lasts for a few hours and sometimes is gone for the day.  Plus side with that product too, it works amazing for pain relief. With so many products out there each is going to have certain effects that will help with the ailments, you are suffering from.  When visiting your local dispensary chat with one of the budtenders and they will be able to help suggest the best products for your needs.

Evolve Nano Serum

So the next time you are feeling pain, soreness, anxiety, or some type of other ailment consider picking up a topical at your dispensary.  They are wonderful, discreet, and do the trick without the psychoactive effects. In some cases, topicals can be life-changing for the people using them which I think will lead to more products coming into the market that are more dialed in for treating certain ailments.     

Author: Kylie Holub