1. EvoLab Grape Dreams Review

    The Aesthetics: The royal purple base is defiantly eye-catching with its strong contrast against the amber cannabis oil inside. The glass chamber is filled to the brim with delicious grape flavored oil. The compact design allows for easy storage and use. I took a normal pull and got a cloud of grape scented vapor. The Flavor: The bright flavor of the oil was almost immediate with the first hit. It…Read More

  2. Vaporizers: Things to Think About Before Purchasing

    Have you got to a point where you are considering purchasing a vaporizer to consume cannabis?  With so many options, this process can be a bit overwhelming and difficult.  Well, we got you covered in at least giving you some guidance on things to look at when purchasing a vaporizer that fits you best.   First, let us start with determining whether you want to go the flower or concentrate route.…Read More