1. Altus Gummies and Pills Product Review

    Next time you are glancing at the shelf, don't stray away when you lock eyes with products by Altus. Your relationship with cannabis is highly personal and deeply profound...That's why there's an Altus product for your life's every moment. See what we mean. Fruit Flavors Like No Other When it comes to flavor, Altus gummies give you the experience of feeling like you are eating the actual fruit. Wi…Read More

  2. Altus Labs: A Product Review

    With Altus being a relatively newer product to the cannabis market it may be one to get overlooked. However, that’s where you make the mistake because Altus offers a variety of awesome products that fit a wide spectrum of cannabis users. Specifically, the ones who enjoy edibles or pills as a delivery method when it comes to enjoying cannabis. Below I’ll touch on both the gummies and pills that…Read More