1. Happy New Year From Choice Organics!

    Everyone here at Choice Organics hope you (our customers) are having an amazing holiday season. To ring in the new year, we wanted to feature someone who has made it possible for our business to be so successful. This week’s post features our medical manager, Stevie Kaplan. With nearly five years of Choice Organics experience, Stevie brings strong industry knowledge to our business. CO: Hey Stev…Read More

  2. Choice Organics Holiday Gift Ideas

    It is officially that time of year, and it wouldn’t be complete without our own shopping list for our wonderful customers. Whether the newbie relative or veteran roommate, for Hanukkah or Christmas, we have the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Flower This one is a clear no-brainer, as a lot of us still struggle with keeping our stashes away from the hands of those around us. What better wa…Read More

  3. Choice Organics TOP FIVE strains

    Here at Choice Organics, we are more than likely to have a robust selection of sativas as well as a fair amount of indicas on our recreational side, but it doesn’t stop at genotypes. We love to keep up with not only our own beloved favorites, but what YOU-our customers- admire as well when it comes to actual strains–and you love your sativas! I have compiled here a short-list of the top five s…Read More

  4. House Bill 14-1361: What It Is And What It Means

    As a licensed dispensary, we like to keep our customers informed as to the legal goings on here in Colorado. Possibly the most pressing and soon-to-be enacted measures are part of House Bill 14-1361 , which is set to come into effect January 1, 2016. HB 14-1361 concerns the equivalency involved between marijuana flower and concentrates, and the amount both residents as well as non-residents of C…Read More

  5. Happy Monday and Welcome Back!

    It has been a while since we provided a new blog entry for our many customers and fans, and I thought it would be great to get it back up and running with an interview. This week we will be featuring our Recreational Manager, James Booth. James has a lot of experience in this industry, and every day he is educating himself on the ever-changing and exciting legalized recreational industry here in C…Read More

  6. The Rise of CBD Oil as Medicine

    In recent years, the state of Colorado has experienced a large influx of individuals from other states hoping to find freedom from the strict and unreasonable marijuana laws that continue to exist in most other states. While the national perception may be that this migration has largely been made up of hippies, stoners, and potheads, in reality this is not the case! The majority of newcomers ten…Read More