1. Everything you need to know to safely include cannabis at your family BBQ

    It’s just not a Colorado summer without grills and lawn games and getting together with favorite friends and family for an afternoon of backyard fun. Thanks to an ever-expanding range of products, cannabis is a great BBQ companion, either as a chill alternative to alcohol or a refreshing treat with an energetic buzz. Here are some tips for enjoying your weed while keeping your event safe, fun, a…Read More

  2. EvoLab Grape Dreams Review

    The Aesthetics: The royal purple base is defiantly eye-catching with its strong contrast against the amber cannabis oil inside. The glass chamber is filled to the brim with delicious grape flavored oil. The compact design allows for easy storage and use. I took a normal pull and got a cloud of grape scented vapor. The Flavor: The bright flavor of the oil was almost immediate with the first hit. It…Read More

  3. Willie’s Reserve Live Resin Review

    The Aesthetics: This sleek silver pen is a good size and has a heavy weight to it. It feels very sturdy and high quality. The chamber is made from thick glass which encases a large serving of live resin. Its simple design allows you to pull without the use of a button. The Flavor: One of the most striking things about this pen is the smoothness and flavor of the resin. Pens have a tendency to make…Read More

  4. Altus Gummies and Pills Product Review

    Next time you are glancing at the shelf, don't stray away when you lock eyes with products by Altus. Your relationship with cannabis is highly personal and deeply profound...That's why there's an Altus product for your life's every moment. See what we mean. Fruit Flavors Like No Other When it comes to flavor, Altus gummies give you the experience of feeling like you are eating the actual fruit. Wi…Read More

  5. Dadirri Caviar and Bubble Hash Cones in Review

    Dadirri may be new to the market but their caviar and bubble hash cones set the stage for a product that's here to stay. BUBBLE HASH ATTACK  When it comes to Bubble Hash, I’m rather new to the game so I had no expectations on what I was going to get out of it. First thing I noticed after taking the first inhale was a whole lot of flavor which can be hit and miss when it comes to pre-rolls. The …Read More

  6. Evolab Colors Product Review

    Everything that touches your lips should taste this beautiful.  Evolab Colors delivers a flavorful experience you have to try.  Once a Skeptic, Now a Believer I’ll be honest, I was skeptical when it came to what I was going to get out of the Evolab Colors line because of the fruity nature but after having the opportunity to enjoy the Strawberry Lemonade cartridge, I am no longer a skeptic. The…Read More

  7. Willie’s Reserve High Five Pack Review

    Willie's Reserve continues to deliver a product that stands out from the rest. If you are looking for a variety of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains don't skip the Willie's Reserve High Five Packs.  With five pre-rolled joints ready to be enjoyed, this is a no-brainer for consumers who want convenience and quality. A Standout Pre-Roll These whole-flower, no trim, half-gram joints are full of fla…Read More

  8. 6 Tips for Dealing With That “too high” Feeling

    While most cannabis fans are careful to consume only as much as they intend, sometimes overindulgence happens by mistake. Different strains might affect you differently despite similar potencies, and if you’re used to smoking but try edibles (or vice versa), the effects can come on too strong, or last too long. And whether you’re an aficionado or brand new to cannabis, overindulging is no fun.…Read More

  9. Comparing Cannabis: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid

    Your favorite dispensary’s shelves are probably lined with jars of cannabis. Get closer to the display and you may find that the buds look and smell different and the containers are carefully labeled as sativa, indica, or hybrid. These are the three main classifications for recreational cannabis, and each one has its trademark traits and reputation. Knowing how the varieties differ will help you…Read More

  10. Six Tips for Dosing Edibles

    We all know cannabis is hot, but one of the most exciting elements of the booming industry is the growing market for edibles. In 2018, candies, cookies, and other pot-infused treats made represented a $2.3-billion market. That number is predicted to more than double in the next 5 years to more than $5.3-billion, as smokers add munching to their favorite ways to consume and newbies choose edibles o…Read More